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What is Rage!

Rage is the dislike button that you were promised. An easy way to connect and comment on the things that make your blood boil and your stomach churn. From the smallest sleights to the biggest indignities, get on Rage, connect with others, share your rage to reduce your rage.

Rage Now

Don't keep it in, rage it out in private messages to other users. Whatever the reason just rage it out. It's the scream therapy for your mobile phone.

Rage On

Join your fellow users in raging about topics in the news, companies, and personalities that make your blood boil. Create your own topics and others will join.

Rage Off

See what others are raging about and promote your own rages. He who rages best, rages best.

Our Amazing Team

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Jonathan Shieber

Lead Software Architect

Jonathan is a server-side Java developer with so many years of experience within tech and the crypto space.

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Core Developer

Bogdan is an experienced developer working on software projects like the Bitcoin revolution.

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Marketing Specialist

Miha is by qualification a Multimedia Marketing Technician. He is also a crypto investors who has involved in various cryptocurrency forum discussions including buying and selling of Bitcoins using Paypal. Those interested in purchasing bitcoins in a matter of seconds should visit the page on how to purchase bitcoins with PayPal.

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