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What is Rage!

Rage is the dislike button that you were promised. An easy way to connect and comment on the things that make your blood boil and your stomach churn.

Rage Now

Message anyone, anything about everything you thought you couldn’t say. Rage it the f*ck out.

Rage On

Pissed about something? Create a topic of your own and get raging.

Rage Off

See what others are raging about and promote your own rages. He who rages best, rages best.

Our Amazing Team

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Jonathan Shieber

I'm just an angry person.

Bogdan Savonea

Rage is simply a different approach to freedom. Yes, like Pharrell's I am Other. It just had to be done.

Mihai Pocorschi

There is nothing more important than free speech. And the freest speech is when people are angry.

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